How to Spend Your Short Breaks with Style

  1. Make a list

Draw up a list of activities you plan to do and possible activities. The first step to a successful short break is to have a proper clear plan of what you want to achieve and do. If you leave this short break to chance you would come to the end of it with regrets of not using it properly!


2.This list should contain places around town you plan to visit and the ones you love to visit.

Too often we live in a city and never truly own the city. There are places and spots around you you have not visited or have not been to in a long time. Take advantage of this break and spend some time doing something new in the city.


3. Get a list of activities you never find time to do like read a book, go visiting, cooking etc and schedule them into your time.

Hopefully the weather is right for warm socks and a cup of tea the perfect combination for a good book.


4. Revisit your goals

Look at your goals for the year and decide what you can do in this short period that crosses out a goal or brings it closer. Nothing like some 'Me time' to put things in perspective and get focused.


5. Take lots of rest!

This is not the time to attend every event, make sure you sleep in and stay stress free.


6. Book a time away at the Spa!

Nothing screams self love more than some well deserved pampering at the Spa.


7. Check into a hotel or resort for some time away.

This time of the year is great for reflection and strategizing, as we are halfway through the year! Where did all the time go!

June 22, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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