Hormones and Your Skin

We can share with you all the information about what to do to your skin, the routines that are right for you and all; this is largely helpful but we cannot ignore the role of hormonal health to keeping your skin looking as young as possible.

Growing old is inevitable but we all don’t want to look our age or worst still older than our age that is why this knowledge on hormones is important.

Our skin changes due to our hormones, aging is caused by the reduction in the production of certain hormones in the body.


Here are the top 3 hormones that impact our skin.

1. Estrogen: This is highly secreted in women. The reduction in the production of this leads to sagging skin and dehydrated skin. We are firm believers in the use of natural products so we recommend a good intake of flax and soy to help with the production of estrogen in the body as you grow older. It is said that the production of estrogen takes a dip at 25.

High estrogen levels, on the other hand lead to problems for the skin as well. High levels of estrogen in a person makes them more prone to hyperpigmentation. If your estrogen levels are too high, then you might want to consider eating seaweed and veggies such as broccoli and kale which help with estrogen metabolism.


2. Testosterone: These stimulate the sebum producing glands which are important for protecting your skin with natural oils. Overproduction of this leads to oily skin and rapid growth of hair in all areas.

It’s possible to improve your skin by managing your body’s testosterone levels. One way to do this is to avoid dairy products if you have high testosterone levels. You can control your testosterone levels with Omega 3 or foods like fish that contain it.

Your body keeps a delicate balance with hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Both men and women have all three of these hormones and can experience imbalances. The imbalances in these are also major causes of skin issues.


3. Thyroid: These hormones also influence your skin’s appearance. Too much of the thyroid hormones can cause a warm, smooth, sweaty, flushed skin. Underactive thyroid can lead to dry, coarse thickening of skin with reduced ability to sweat.


General Tips for Keeping Your Hormones in Check

1. Maintain your hormone balance by managing stress, eating a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, and exercising regularly.

2. Avoid harmful skin care ingredients; opt for nature based skin care products like what we provide at ORÍKÌ which is perfect for all skin types

Do comment with questions if you have any.

Stay Beautiful!


April 06, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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