DIY: Potent Ingredients to Add to Your Natural Skin Care Ritual

Coconut Oil 

This should be one of the most common and versatile ingredients there is, its skin benefits are numerous and research even shows its strong enough to fight some skin diseases. We recommend you use coconut oil on your skin to help cleanse and moisturize, using it internally is also a plus as it enhances your looks and optimizes your skin's health.

Honey (Raw)

Raw honey is a great source of potent natural nutrients like vitamins and enzymes, it also provides moisturizing properties while fighting rashes and reducing scars. When purchasing make sure its proper raw honey that’s unheated and unprocessed as these pack the most nutrients.

Lemon Oil

Strong antibacterial components capable of diminishing high level of acne breakout caused by bacteria stuck in pores. It's also efficient in fading scars and age spots while fighting wrinkles. Lemon Oil is a great essential oil to add to your must haves as it could be used on your hair to boost shine and remove residue.

Aloe Vera

Known for its healing and soothing effects. Aloe has been used for hundreds of years in treating skin diseases and infections. Its skin healing effects are boosted by potentially active ingredients like vitamins, fatty acids, enzymes, lignin, anti-inflammatories and minerals. It also has detoxifying benefits when taken orally.


August 17, 2017 by Ifeanyi Nkemneme
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