7 Habits of Highly Effective Skin Care

As much as we can attribute great skin to genes, genetic great skin doesn’t take care of itself you have to put in the work to maintain and improve your skin.

Here are 7 effective habits for amazing skin improvements and maintenance.


1. Eat right! Our skin is fuelled by what we eat. Make sure your diet is rich in vegetables and fruits and avoid processed foods. Take in moderation food categories that inhibit healthy skin 

2. Stay hydrated! This is not a myth it works! Drink 3L of water daily and watch your skin transform. Especially in a hot climate like ours we need all the water to keep our hydration levels up!
3. Exercise as often as you can. Exercise is great for speeding up metabolism and helping our skins generate fresh cells faster. Working up a sweat also opens up our pores and aids in circulation of blood and nutrients around the body.
4. 8 hours beauty sleep is no joke! You have to get that sleep in! If you live in a fast city make sure you are very intentional about catching your rest. You need all the sleep to help your body regenerate and replenish.
5. Keep your makeup tools clean! You have to wash your brushes and puffs regularly. You have to change your products once they get past expiration date or change in color or consistency.
6. Moisturize all day and everywhere! Our skin thrives on the right kind of moisture to preserve and enhance its natural glow. Make sure you keep a moisturizer with you at all times, you never know when you need an extra dash for your skin.
7. Treat your skin gently and ask questions about what works best and what routines are most effective and safe for skin care. Treat your skin as the beautiful temple covering it is an put only the best products on it
Bonus habit is ORÍKÌ products! People with effective skin care habits use only the best for their skins and that is ORÍKÌ!
April 27, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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