4 Step Morning Routine for Healthy Skin

Morning routines are super important to having and maintaining healthy skin. We encourage you to create and keep a healthy and sustainable morning and night routine for yourself. We are letting you in today on a simple routine that you can start today to help revive and maintain a healthy skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

This is the first crucial step to waking your skin up; you have to first use a cleanser to clean out the pores.


Step 2: Exfoliate/Scrub

Next you should use a scrub appropriate for your skin type to exfoliate. If you have dry or sensitive skin you should try to use one with a mild composition, if you have oily skin you should avoid those with oil and if you have normal or combination skin lookout for the ones that suit your skin type. You are not required to scrub or exfoliate daily this should be done three times a week to remove dead skin and keep our pores clear. 


Step 3: Tone

Too many people overlook the use of a toner. A toner is very essential to healthy skin. After exposing your skin to different products it is important to restore the ph value of our skin using the right toner.


Step 4: Moisturize

Moisturizing your face is important no matter your skin type. Most times people with oily skin tend to avoid moisturizing their faces but it is important for all skin types to use skin specific moisturizers for themselves. 


Lastly we recommend you start the day by drinking a few glasses of water  and also drink enough water through out the day. You keep your skin moisturized from inside too!. Drinking water in the morning especially helps your body regain all the moisture it lost overnight











Stay beautiful!